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Our Story

We are often asked if there are 3 of us. There sure is (refer to the photo), but the one in the middle is the Schweetest of them all. Together, my sisters and I, came up with the idea years ago and I decided to bring our dreams to life.
Started out small, by selling our baked goods at our local farmer’s market. This lead us to opening a brick and mortar store in our home town of River Falls, in a familiar location of the old Ben Franklin.


Before taking this idea and turning it into something, I was able to gain most of my experience while working at UWRF as the Catering Director.  While working in this position I was able to see how all of the special occasions can be celebrated.


In the years since opening our shop we have been able to grow from offering sweets to expanding into a gift shop.  We have taken baby steps to get us where we are at today, with each step we took it allowed us to offer a wide variety.  All of the great companies that we carry in our shop are located under the gift shop button.



sister photo

Our Specialty

We make custom cakes, cupcakes, chocolates, truffles, and more schweets for every occasion. We’d love to be a part of your event and make it a memorable one!

Birch with Green Leaves

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